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Company directors

The name of the directors and brief biographical details and responsibilities.

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Country of incorporation and operation

Gusbourne Plc is incorporated in England (Registration Number 08225727) which is also its main country of operation.

Constitutional documents

Exchanges or trading platforms

The shares of Gusbourne Plc are traded on the AIM Market operated by the London Stock Exchange. Gusbourne Plc’s securities are not admitted to trading on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

Takeover regulations

Gusbourne Plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeover and Mergers.

Corporate Governance

The Company, so far as is practicable and appropriate for a company of its size and nature, seeks to embrace, voluntarily, the UK Corporate Governance Code.

Financial Information

Number of securities in issue updated 3 August 2017

  • 39,366,984 shares of 1 pence
  • The company does not hold any ordinary Shares in Treasury
  • Shares not in public hands - 83.2%

Significant Shareholders updated 3 August 2017

  • Lord Ashcroft KCMG PC 72.4%
  • Andrew Weeber 6.9%
  • Paul Bentham 2.2%

Directors’ Shareholdings updated 3 August 2017

  • Andrew Weeber 6.9%
  • Paul Bentham 2.2%
  • Ian Robinson 1.1%
  • Lord Arbuthnot PC 0.1%
  • Matthew Clapp 0.1%
  • Jon Pollard 0.1%
  • Mike Paul 0.1%
  • Charlie Holland 0.1%


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Key Advisers

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